Maserati 150S were twenty-seven racing cars made by Maserati of Italy alongside the Maserati 200S, to take over for the aging Maserati A6 GCS racing variants.

The project Tipo 53, was initiated by Vittorio Bellentani (1953), and utilized the 4CF2 1484.1 cc engine (140 bhp @ 7500 rpm), initially tested in a boat of Liborio Guidotti (1954). The first series had a Maserati 300S-inspired body developed by Celestino Fiandri and saw Jean Behra winning the halfsized 1000 km Nürburgring (1955). A less rounded design by Medardo Fantuzzi followed (1956).

Most cars were sold to customers. The 150 GT (1957) was one spider bodied by Medardo Fantuzzi, built on a Maserati 200S chassis.

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