The 250S was a racing car built by Maserati from 1954 to 1956. It was an experimental car, only one was built which created a bridge to gap the difference between the A6GCS/53 and the 300S.

The engine was a six-cylinder in-line unit with a capacity of 2594 cc. The bore of the cylinders was 84 mm and the stroke was 75 mm. It had a double overhead camshaft. Three Weber 42 DCO3 carburettors were installed.

The brake drums were hydraulically operated on all four wheels. The front suspension which had coil springs, were from Houdaille. It also featured hydraulic shock absorbers and stabiliser bar. The rear had transverse leaf-springs, Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers and stabiliser bar.

The frame was a lattice structure. The body was made of aluminum.

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