The Maserati Tipo 154, also known as 151/4 and jokingly dubbed "Racing Van" for its unique body design by Piero Drogo, was a racecar produced in 1965 as an improved version of the Tipo 152, sporting a reworked frame, a few more vents and ducts and a larger displacement.

There was only one car built - based on a Tipo 151/3 car from the previous year. During the official Le Mans testing weekend in May, driver Lloyd "Lucky" Casner was killed in this car after leaving the road as he exited out of the Mulsanne Straight kink, barrel rolling the Tipo 154 and wiping out two trees in the process. Two months later, its engine would go on to power the Maserati Tipo 65. However the Tipo 154's discontinuation would spell the end for Maserati's experimental GT saga.

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