The Matich A50 was a racing car built for the 1971 race season.

Following the adoption of Formula 5000 regulations into Australian Formula 1 in 1971, Matich and Nehrybecki produced the Matich A50, the first single seater to wear the Matich name.

The A50 was designed as a replacement for Frank Matich's successful McLaren M10B (Frank Matich had taken over development from McLaren of the M10B for F5000 racing in 1970 and dubbed it the M10C).

Designed on a modular basis with separate front suspension, cockpit and rear end, the car was powered by a 5.0L Repco Holden V8 engine. Matich drove an A50 to victory in the car’s first race, the 1971 Australian Grand Prix at Warwick Farm after qualifying on pole position. Just three months after his 1971 AGP success,

Matich qualified the A50 on pole for the 1972 Australian Grand Prix at Sandown and led early before retiring with scavenge pump failure on lap 5. Frank Matich then went on to win the 1972 Australian Drivers' Championship at the wheel of his A50. A total of four A50s were built during this period.

Power output of the Repco-Holden engine around this time was approximately 470 bhp (350 kW; 477 PS)

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