The Matra MS10 was a Formula-1 race car designed and built by Matra in 1968.

The MS10 was designed exclusively for the Tyrrell team was builtto house the Cosworth DFV engine. Unlike the MS11, which had a 12-cylinder engine, the MS10 was powered by an 8-cylinder engine.

The monocoque is connected, as in previous models, by a frame with the rear suspension. The fuel tank has been split to two side tanks. The tests with the MS9 had shown that the was too small for a full Grand Prix distance. In order to avoid refueling during the race, Boyer increased the capacity to 190 litres. The MS9 had suspension parts that have been taken from the Matra sports cars, the MS10 also shared these.

Ken Tyrrell entered the MS10 in the Race of Champions in 1968 at Brands Hatch. The cars debut was in the World Cup at the Spanish Grand Prix, where Jean-Pierre Beltoise finished fifth.

Jackie Stewart won with the MS10 during three World Cup races in 1968. In addition to his victories in the Netherlands and in the United States, the Scot celebrated at the Nurburgring with the MS10. This was one of his greatest victories.

Stewart and the Tyrrell team missed the drivers' title, to Hill in the Lotus 49. Matra only built two MS10 chassis, both survived the season but the two cars were scrapped in 1969.