The Matra MS5 was a Formula 3 racing car made ​​by Matra that  was used from 1965 to 1969.

The MS5 was Matras definitive formula-3-car, based on the MS1. Just ahead of the Formula 3 race at Monaco, the first two cars were ready. In total, 5 MS5s were built in 1965, others followed and some remained in racing until 1969.

Matra had absolute priority for the national races in France. In 1965, Jean-Pierre Beltoise and his teammate Jean-Pierre Jaussaud won the French Formula 3 Championship. In 1966 Beltoise won with an MS5 at the important Formula 3 race in Monaco. During 1967, the factory team dominated the Argentine championship and the two new works drivers Henri Pescarolo and Jean-Pierre Jabouille won at Monaco and Rouen. At the end of the season, the team work was terminated, however, a French privateer team bought the works cars.