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The Matra MS660 was a sports car prototype, the Matra 1969 to 1972 in the Sports Car World Championship began.

The MS660 was the successor to the MS650 . The MS660 was in contrast to the MS650, which had an even a tube frame, a monocoque chassis. The 12-cylinder engine came as the MS650, from the Formula-1 - Matra MS11 . Its debut was the MS660 1970 in Le Mans . Besides two MS650 MS660 was only used by the two long works drivers Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Henri Pescarolo was controlled. The race was for Matra to complete disaster, because all three works cars turned out in the seventh hour of the race with engine failure. After the race, it became clear that the defects were caused by faulty piston rings.

In late 1970 there was the first and only race victory for the MS660 in a sports car race. The three-time Formula 1 world champion Jack Brabham, who in 1970 Matra was at Le Mans at the start, and François Cevert won the 1000-km race from Paris to Montlhery .

In 1971, the race car guy came to sad honor, as Jean-Pierre Beltoise at the 1000-kilometer race in Buenos Aires it was a momentous failure. In the 35th Round went the Beltoise lying in fifth place just ahead of the boxes out of petrol. Since there were only a few hundred meters to the pit area, he decided to push the MS660 Beltoise there to refuel and allow the vehicle to his team mate Jean-Pierre Jabouille pass. The Italian Ferrari driver Ignazio Giunti was at this time in second place and had the point of failure, warned by flag items that already happened twice. Beltoise had the car but slide over the route to reach the boxes. Giunti so evidently had not envisaged that exactly at the said location of a moving before him Porsche 917 trying to overtake and collided head-on while in the suddenly standing on the street Matra. The Ferrari 512S caught on fire and Giunti died at the accident scene.

In Le Mans 1971 Matra announced only one MS660, as against strong competition from Porsche and Ferrari with their 5-liter racing car an overall win in advance did not seem possible. Again there was a failure. Beltoise and his racing partner Chris Amon had their MS660 after 149 laps, just found 2 clock in the morning off with a defect in the fuel injection.

At the end of the year, the defective prone vehicles successively (at Le Mans was in 1972 again a MS660 with David Hobbs and Jean-Pierre Jabouille at the start; failure by clutch failure) by the new model MS670 replaced with the Matra 1972 the first triumph in Le Mans celebrated.