The Maybach SW35 was the first car in the Schwingachswagen family. It was introduced in 1935.

The rear of the car had a swing axle, whereas the front was on transverse arms. The SW35 was characterized by a new lower floor which thereby reduced the ride height, giving the car a more streamlined profile.

The engine was a 3435 cm³ 6-cylinder in-line unit that was able to produced 140bhp at 4500rpm. This level of performance was achieved not only through sheer increase in the speed of rotation but also by increasing the compression ratio. The top speed was 140 km/h compared to 135 km/h of DSH and W6. A SW35 could travel 100 km consuming 17-18 gallons of petrol, while previous Maybach models would require between 25 or 30 gallons.

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