McLaren-M28-Cosworth Chassis M28-2 - 2010 Monterey Motorsports Reunion

McLaren M28 Cosworth, Chassis M28-2, at the 2010 Monterey Motorsports Reunion, by Wouter Melissen -

The McLaren M28 is a Formula One racing car built and run by McLaren in the 1979 Formula One World Championship. Powered by a conventional Ford Cosworth 3-litre engine, the M28 was designed and wind tunnel tested during the latter half of 1978, at around the same time as Ronnie Peterson was mooted to join the team for the following season.

The car was noticeably larger than contemporary designs and was much bulkier looking. The bulky design had a sharp impact on top speed, and the car was one of the slowest through speed traps.

During initial testing, the M28 was soon found to have problems with poor grip as its ground effect design proved not particularly effective. However, it was still the preferred chassis over its predecessor the McLaren M26, and it was used during the first half of the 1979 season until a better design could be introduced.

McLaren were never in the running for the championship with the car, nevertheless, it earned points and came third in the Argentine Grand Prix, 6th in the Belgian GP and 4th at Monaco. Its drivers were Patrick Tambay and John Watson.

The M28 also raced in the colours of German beer company "Löwenbräu" at the 1979 US Grand Prix West.