The McLaren M30 is a Formula One racing car built and run by McLaren for part of the 1980 Formula One season. It was a one-off car, primarily driven by Alain Prost. The purpose of the M30 was to further capitalize on ground-effect design, taking over from the McLaren M29 which was perceived as obsolete.

The one and only M30 was damaged in an accident in practice for the 1980 United States Grand Prix. For the 1981 season McLaren returned to the M29 model. The McLaren M30 was the last new car completed by McLaren before the team's merger with Ron Dennis's Project 4 Formula 2 team, and he assumed leadership of the team the following year.

The car has since been raced in historic competition, by Alo Lawler in England and then George Nuse in the USA.