The Mercedes-Benz W105 is a part of The "Ponton" family. It was produced from 1956 to 1959 with a conventional, water-cooled four-stroke, reciprocating piston-type 6-cylinder engine.


The Ponton body shape had been introduced in 1953 by the W120 chassis 180. In the following year, Mercedes-Benz introduced the 6-cylinder 220a which was visually similar to the 180, but with 70 mm added to the front wings to accommodate two extra cylinders and 100 mm added to the rear doors to provide some extra legroom for the rear passengers. This model ran until 1956 when the 219 and the 220S were introduced.

Model identification

The 219 from the a-pillar forward was identical to the long-nosed 220a, including the single-carburettor 2.2 L 6-cylinder engine. However, from the A-pillar back, it used the shorter body of the W120/W121 180/190 models. This can be identified by the one-piece windows in the rear doors, as opposed to the 220a and 220S having separate quarter windows.

Inside, the 219 used the simpler instrumentation of the small car, along with bakelite trim instead of woodgrain.


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