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The Mercedes 10/40/65 HP was a luxury car produced from 1921 to 1924 German automaker Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for his trademark automobilisticoMercedes.  

Features and profile

As the model HP 6/25/40, born in 1921, too, 10/40/65 HP was also a supercharged model, and also with volumetric compressor. The two models were the first in the world to adopt the overfeeding in serial production.As for the 10/40/65 HP, it had a four-cylinder from 2.6 litres. Supercharging engages automatically as soon as it was fully depressed the accelerator pedal. When using "quiet", when that is not entered in the compressor function the engine operated 40 HP at 2400 RPM. When the compressor is switched on, the horses climbed to 65, granted to 2800 RPM.In fact, for most of the period of its production, the car was marketed simply as 10/40 HP. It was only from the beginning of 1924, the last year of production, the name was changed to 10/40/65 HP. For the occasion, some technical changes were made, such as brakes, initially only agent on the shaft and on the front end.Below shows the specifications of the 10/40/65 HP. ENGINE:*engine: 4 cylinders in line;

  • bore and stroke: 80x130 mm;
  • displacement: 2614 cm³;
  • distribution: an overhead camshaft;
  • valves: OHV arranged in V;
  • power supply: a Mercedes carburetor with throttle valve;
  • Start: magnet high voltage (12 V);
  • power maximum: 65 HP at 2800 RPM.


  • drive type: shaft;
  • Traction: rear;
  • gearbox: 4-speed at.
  • clutch: Double Cone with leather seals.


  • frame: stamped steel with U-section;
  • suspension: rigid axle with leaf springs;
  • brakes: a transmission shaft strains, from 1924 with mechanical device acting on the front end.


  • Max speed: 110 km/h.

Produced as a limousine, but also as a spider, the 10/40/65 HP was taken out of production at the end of 1924. He didn't have a direct heir, even after a few years, as sometimes happened. In any case, the next model that more came to class and power was the Mercedes-Benz Typ 350 W05, no longer overpower.