The 12/16 PS is a car that was produced between 1902 to 1903 by Daimler Moto
Mercedes 12 16 PS
ren Gesellschaft for the fledgling Mercedes brand.  

Features and profile

The 12/16 PS was built to occupy a previously neglected market between the 8/11 PS and the more exclusive 18/22 Simplex. The 12/16 PS was built on a pressed steel chassis, on which fixed rigid axle suspension and brakes, acting on the shaft, were fitted .The "heart" of the 12/16 PS was a 4-cylinder in-line engine which had a displacement of 2860cc. The engine was fitted with a single carburettor and came with side valves which meant it could reach a maximum power output of 12hp.

The cars were fitted with a 4-speed gearbox. A year after the release of the 12/16 PS, the 15/20 PS was released replacing the 12/16 PS.

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