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The Mercedes 22HP was a family of luxury cars, produced between 1910 and 1920 by the German company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for it's Mercedes Brand.

Features and profile

Despite the first two templates that belong to that family has debuted in 1910, the story of the family of cars manufactured by Mercedes 22HP has began the year before when it was sold the 22/35 HP, practically a 35HP of 1905 renamed with new signs indicating the fiscal horsepower rating. Was the 22/35 HP the first model to use as a coach by 22 horses. But at the beginning of 1910 was introduced into the market the 22/40 HP, model intended to replace the HP 35/22. The new car was powered by a 4 cylinder in-line was, the type displacement 5623 CC (bore and stroke: 110x148 mm). This engine was characterized by a T-distribution scheme, with intake valves on one side and drain valves on the other side. These two valves per cylinder, were moves by two camshafts, one for each side, which in turn were driven by cylindrical gears. The maximum power was 40 HP at RPM 1230. The rest of mechanics was also traditional, with rigid axle suspension with leaf springs and cardan shaft transmission with 4 speed gearbox. The maximum speed of 22/40HP was 70 km/h. This model was also produced in a special version, called Kolonialwagen or Camp, and characterized by Mount crawler wheels by 20 inches. In 1912 the 22/40 HP was subjected to some updates to the engine, which gave as a result the increase of power, climb to 50 HP at 1300 RPM. The car was renamed 22/50 HP: the big technical updates where the car was subjected was in slight displacement increase, passed from 5623 to 5699 cm³. This and more have allowed the previously mentioned increase in power. In this way the maximum speed went up to 75 km/h. The HP 22/50 was produced almost unchanged until 1920: in 1915 it was also the witness to the Mercedes Knight 25/65 HP. The legacy of the same 22/50 HP was collected in 1921 from the model 10/40/65 HP, equipped with supercharger.

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