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The name Mercedes 28PS identifies a small family of luxury cars produced between 1910 and 1920 by the German company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for his trademark automobilisticoMercedes.  

Features and profile

In 1910, with the release of 40/45 HP Simplex, came to create a small gap in the range Mercedes, which actually might not even bother that much, given the wide range of luxury models that the House had in Untertürkheim. However, to fill even that small gap, Daimler launched a new model on the market, founder of a small family of luxury cars, the production of which would be continued until 1920. 


The new model is intended to replace the 40/45 HP Simplex was 28/50 HP, a large-sized car (was 4.82 m long), which for the most part traditional technical solutions proposed, just think of the four-cylinder was from 7240 cm³ (120 x 160 mm). This engine had a side-valve arranged in a T, with two camshafts, one for each side of the engine. The maximum output was 50 HP at 1200 RPM. Other traditional technical solutions were represented by sheet steel chassis printed with U-section, from rigid axle suspension with leaf springs, cardan shaft transmission, 4-speed gearbox with Double Cone clutch and brake acting on the transmission shaft.But the HP 28/50 he took with him a small innovation: it was in fact one of the very first coaches, if not the first ever, to mount removable wheels, solution to facilitate the change of tyres.The 28/50 HP reached a maximum speed of 80 km/h and was produced until 1912. 

28/60 HP

In that year, given the concomitant update 22/40 model HP, rose from 40 to 50 BHP of maximum power and renamed in 22/50 HP, it was necessary to update the top end model, so as not to trigger a phenomenon of internal competition. So it was that some technical updates made up the power of 28/50 HP at 60 HP is 1200 RPM. Similar to the lower end model was changed the name, changed to 28/60 HP. The new model retained almost unchanged the main mechanical characteristics, apart from obviously the performance of your engine. Even the tips were not changes in speed whatsoever.The 28/60 HP was produced until 1920: in that year was launched the 10/40/65 HP supercharged engine, which replaced the model 28/60 HP and HP 22/50.