The Mercedes 55PS was a luxury car produced from 1905 to 1909 by the German company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for its Mercedes car brand.


The 55PS was sold in the range between the two very exclusive models the 37/65 PS and 35PS of 1905. The cars were powered by a in-line 4-cylinder 7959cc engine. This engine was built by coupling two twin engines together, a technique widely used in the automotive industry in the early 20th century. The engine was also fitted with a single carburettor. The maximum power was 55hp at 1300 rpm, enough to ensure the car a maximum speed of about 80 km/h.

The chassis was made of stamped steel. In addition to the rigid axle suspension with leaf springs, the car was also fitted with a 4-speed gearbox.

At the beginning of 1909, the last year of production, the name was changed to 31/55 PS.