The Mercury Tracer is a compact car that was sold by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. It was based on the platform of the Mazda 323, replacing the European-derived Mercury Lynx. The 1991 and newer car is the Mercury version of the Ford Escort.


It was introduced in 1987 and came in a 3-door hatchback, a 5-door hatchback and a 5-door station wagon. Basically a rebadged Ford Laser, a vast majority of its parts came from the Mazda 323, including the engine and transmission. It was powered by a 1.6L Mazda B6 straight-four engine, which produced 82 hp (61 kW). The 3-door hatchbacks were build in Hermosillo, Mexico, and the 5-door hatchbacks were built in Hiroshima, Japan.


  • 1.6 L B6 I4, 82 horsepower (61 kW)/92 ft·lbf (125 N·m)