The Merzario A1 was a Formula One racecar that competed during the 1978 Formula One season. It was Merzario's first self-built Formula One effort.


The Merzario A1 was essentially a conventional F1 car based largely on March 761B. Its red colour scheme (change during season, however) and crude bodywork were very similar of the Ferrari 312T2. It also used cockpit-side ducting for an air intake. The engine was a common Cosworth DFV and Hewland gearbox.

The car had atrocious reliability issues and It was not until the Swedish Grand Prix they finished a race, although unclassified. At the Austrian Grand Prix, a second A1 was unveiled, although it was speculated it was the old 761B with new bodywork. Merzario slightly did better in qualifying with the new car but failed to finish the race.

The team qualified on 8 occasions in 1978, but failed to finish 7 races.