Midas Gold

The Midas Gold was originally launched in 1989 to such acclaim that CAR magazine gave it pride of place on its front cover. Based on the unique Midas all-GRP monocoque and using the mechanical components from an Austin or MG Metro, the Gold still sets the standard for a practical small sports car that can be used everyday.

The Midas Gold was designed to make the maximum of the Metro components. Reduced weight helps to improve performance and economy, whilst a lower centre of gravity and subtle suspension tweaks makes for agile handling combined with a supple ride.

The Gold utilises both the front and rear subframe assemblies, which makes the kit a very straightforward build. It also uses the Metro wiring loom and many other Metro components, so the kit build mainly consists of removing the parts from the donor car, cleaning and/or renovating them before fitting them to the Midas