The Mildren Maserati was a one-off sports car which was built in 1964, utilizing a clone of a Lotus 19 chassis with components from a Cooper T51 and a 2.9 litre Maserati Type 61 engine. The chassis was constructed by Bob Brittan, who also produced racing cars under the Rennmax name. The car was driven to victory in the 1965 Victorian Sports Car Championship by Kevin Bartlett. It was also favoured to win the 1965 Australian Tourist Trophy in the hands of Frank Gardner, but it failed to start the race after an engine failure in a preliminary heat.

The Mildren Maserati was sold to Tasmanian Ross Ambrose in 1966 and was subsequently fitted with a 2.2-litre Coventry Climax engine and raced as the Rennmax-Climax. In 1969 Ambrose had the car re-engined with a 4.4 litre Traco-Oldsmobile powerplant and then race it as the Traco-Rennmax.

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