The NN is a car made by Minerva.

At the outbreak of the First World War, there were German troops driving feverishly light armored personnel vehicles which had machine guns built for the Belgian military. These vehicles were fitted with high-volume 7-litre engines mounted on there the heavy chassis.

During the war, the engineers fled together with de Jong to Amsterdam in the neutral Netherlands, where they developed components in the hope of selling them when the war ended.

In 1920, Minerva started the production of luxury cars with the type of NN, which had a powerful 3.6-litre four-cylinder monobloc-type engine and the OO, which had a powerful 5.3-litre six-cylinder engine. Proven pre-war design elements such as splash lubrication, cooling, magneto ignition, cone clutch a four speed gearbox all remained largely unchanged. The engines had a seven-bearing crankshaft.

American movie stars, politicians and industrialists liked the cars. They had the same high quality as a Rolls-Royce; however, the Minervas were somewhat more favourable.