The Mini Jem was a kit car built between 1967 and 1976.

It was the result of development work by Jeremy Delmar-Morgan on the DART prototype by Dizzy Addicot which also spawned the Mini Marcos (hence why they look so similar). 

The Jem was mechanically based on the Austin Mini and built around a fibreglass monocoque chassis with wood and steel reinforcing. The car was small in size at a mere 11 foot 3 inches long and standing just 44 inches high. 

The Mini Jem was developed by several companies during its reign and a few hundred cars were sold. Later models had an opening rear hatch. 1969 also saw the development of handleless doors, opting to rather lower the door glass and reach inside to release the door.

Production ceased in 1976 although the body moulds still exist.