The Mitsubishi Galant Coupé FTO is a rear-wheel drive coupe produced by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors from November 1971 to March 1975. "FTO" was meant to stand for Fresco Turismo Omologato, in a fine example of Japanese Italian. In the market place, the compact Coupé FTO filled the shoes of the earlier Mitsubishi Colt 11-F Super Sports.

The FTO was first introduced with a 86 or 95 PS (63 or 70 kW) 1,378 cc 4G41 "Neptune" engine, until it was replaced in a February 1973 redesign by a brace of 1,597 cc 4G32 "Saturn" powerplants, offering either 100 PS (74 kW) or 110 PS (81 kW) depending on the state of tune. There was also a 1,439 cc Saturn engine, offering 92 PS (68 kW). In October 1973 there was a minor facelift, and the lineup was restricted to four versions as the EL, GS, and four-speed SL versions were cancelled. Production gradually came to an end in August 1975, after the introduction in March that year of the more staid Lancer Celeste.

The FTO was based on the chassis of the first generation Mitsubishi Galant, shortened by 12 cm (5 in) for extra agility and lightness. It carried the chassis codes A61 (Neptune 1.4), A62 (Saturn 1.4), and A63 (Saturn 1.6). 1600 GSRs built before October 1974 (when safety standards were changed) received black plastic wheelarch extensions to accommodate a wider track, resulting in an even more aggressive look. The GSR also featured a standard limited slip differential.

The FTO name was again resurrected twenty years after production of the original had ceased, when the company introduced the front-wheel drive Mitsubishi FTO in 1994.