The Moskvitch G4 were sports cars from Moskvitch released in 1963. Like the G3, they used the same engine as the Moskvitch 407. In 1965, all three G4's were re-engined with units based on the engine in the Moskvitch 408. These engines were fitted with twin 40DCO Weber carburettors, advanced valve timing, and new camshafts giving 81 bhp (60 kW; 82 PS). The G4's were then redesignated as G4A's. A G4A (the first production G4) was fitted with a Moskvitch 412 based engine, rated at 92 bhp (69 kW; 93 PS), leading to the G4M. During 1967-1968, the two remaining G4A's were converted into G4M's. Two G4M's were rebuilt into Moskvitch G5's in 1968. The third G4M was raced until 1972 (it was not converted). The G4's had independent suspension, both front and rear (from the Moskvitch 407), and were successful in several USSR championships.