The Moss Malvern was a kit car produced between 1983 and the early 1990s.

The Malvern was created to give 2+2 accommodation over its sister, the 2-seat Moss Roadster. It was popular in its day and still has an enthusiastic club following. Several hundred Roadsters and Malverns were sold under the various manufacturers that owned the moulds over the years. Moss themselves stopped manufacture of the original incarnation due to a factory fire in 1985. 

The Moss Malvern is based on a Triumph Herald or Vitesse chassis with all the original running gear. The kit was reported as being a 'bolt together' kit requiring minimal modifications. The choice of Triumph chassis and running gear probably complements the style of car down to the ground.  

All fibreglass body panels were supplied with a gelcoat finish including an integral reinforced floor and dashboard. Typical price for the kit when available from the Moss Motor Company was £988.

The Malvern was to later be taken over by Hampshire Classics in 1986 and then by members of the Moss Owners Club.

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