New Finer Plymouth Roadster

The New Finer Plymouth, also known as the Plymouth Model PB, is a middle-class passenger car originally sold by Chrysler under its Plymouth marque in 1932. It succeeded the Model PA and was replaced by the Model PC and Model PD. About 83,910 examples were made.

The car was considered much more appealing than its predecessor, the Model PA, and the engine performance was increased due to an increase in compression. Therefore, it was offered as "new" and "finer". Despite these advancements, it was not sold for a higher price.

The New Finer Plymouth was fitted with a 321cc four-cylinder side-valve engine capable of generating 65 bhp (48 kW) of power, and was the last Plymouth vehicle to be offered with a four-cylinder engine until the advent of the Cricket in 1971. It measured 4446 to 4674 mm long and weighed 1153 to 1393 kg.

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