Triumph Stag similar to the one Gerry Uses

The Triumph Stag has recently been brought to the attention of a wider audience due to its regular appearance on TV. Dennis Waterman plays Gerry Standing in the TV detective series "New Tricks", a programme about a group of retired policemen working in a cold case squad. Being retired and having excellent taste, he drives a beautiful green Triumph Stag. Fortunately Dennis Waterman has left his "Sweeney" and "Minder" days behind him and the car tends not to get involved in car chases, and hopefully will survive the series unscathed.

Gerry (Dennis Waterman) in the series sells his Stag to help his daughter pay for a buggy for his newly born grandchild. He wasn't really the paternal sort but, as the selling of his car shows, he had become very paternal.

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