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The 1.2 L was a car of medium-low range produced from 1931 to 1935 by the carmaker German Opel.

Profile and History

The 1.2 L (or 1.2 Liter) was launched at the end of 1931, after the retirement of Laubfrosch. Given the success of the latter, it was decided not to deviate too much from its general settings and to make improvements here and there in such a way as to make it bright and comfortable car.

The 1.2 L was offered in two main body variants: sedan, in turn, available in different versions, and convertible.

The 1.2 L was also available in two variants of the frame, different from each other for the measurement of the step, which could be of 2,286 or 2,445 m.

Always in regard to the frame, it was a U-shaped structure in steel printed, to which were attached the drum brakes on all four wheels and suspension, which required both in front and behind the classic rigid axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs and the shock absorbers hydraulic, for the first time on an Opel that category.

The broadcast included a clutch single dry, the differential toothed spiral and change three gears.

The engine was an evolution of the previous one-liter unit mounted on the 1.1 L and previous versions of the Laubfrosch. This engine has benefited from a process of rebore, passing from the initial 1018 to 1186 cc of displacement. The distribution pattern remained the classic side-valve, while the power to the carburetor one-piece. The power maximum was 22 hp at 3200 rev / min, sufficient to ensure the car a top speed of 80 km / h, coming to consume only 9 liters of fuel per 100 km, a good result for the period.

In 1933, the 1.2 L received some updates to detail, including a slight increase in power from 22 to 23 hp, while the more sophisticated versions was introduced four-speed gearbox. The maximum speed reached 85 km / h.

The 1.2 L was removed from production in mid-1935 and was replaced with the P4.