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The 12/34 PS was a car produced by the high-end car manufacturer German Opel from 1916 to 1919.

Profile and History

The 12/34 PS was introduced as a successor to the 10/24 PS, with respect to which was even bigger and displacement significantly higher.

It was proposed in the most typical body variants reserved for high-end cars and luxury, that torpedo to 6 people, limousine, landaulet, double- phaeton and also in single-phaeton with two occasional seats in the back (the so-called " places the mother-in-law ").

The 12/34 PS was fitted with a 4 -cylinder in-line 3137 cc displacement, with distribution side valves, cooling water centrifugal pump, radiator and fan and power supply via carburetor Opel full throttle. The power maximum was 37 hp at 1550 rev / min.

Classic patterns of transmission (for shaft and clutch cone), suspension (rigid axle and semi-elliptic leaf springs) and brakes (rear only, band type on transmission).

The maximum speed was 78 km / h.

The 12/34 PS was removed from production in 1919: his heir was the 14/38 PS, evolution of 13/30PS.