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The 1200 (or P1200) is a car of medium-low range produced from 1959 to 1962 by the carmaker German Opel.

Profile and History

The 1200 was introduced to take the place of the model "Olympia", intended as a cheaper version of the Opel Olympia Rekord and Rekord produced up to that time.
We also wanted to offer a cheaper version of the Rekord, he was well below the market range of Rekord same, as it was since 1940, year of production output of the very first Kadett that the House of Rüsselsheim had not listed a car to medium-low, and therefore more popular.
The body took over for the whole of the Rekord P1, including the gem of the windshield panoramic aspect for which the 1200 comes often still referred to as P1200.
If the 1200 Olympia that was going to replace the historic rode still 1.5 liters, the 1200 proposed instead a new engine to 4 cylinders from with distribution overhead valve and capable of delivering a power of 40 hp at 4400 rev / min with a value of torque of up to 84 N · m at 2200 r / min. The maximum speed was 115 km / h.
Even the mechanics of telaistica was substantially the same as the Rekord P1, so even the 1200 one finds the solution of the front wheel independent with coil springs and shock absorbers telescopic, he finds himself the pattern of the rear suspension rigid axle to the brake system with four drums.
The 1200 was produced until 1962 in nearly 68,000 specimens. It was replaced by two models: the lower the Kadett A motor with 1 liter and higher, the Olympia, which would, however, only made ​​his debut in 1968, six years after leaving the scene of the 1200's.