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The 20/22 PS was a car produced by the luxury carmaker German Opel from 1903 to 1906.

Profile and History

With the 20/22 PS, the House of Rüsselsheim debuted in the range of luxury cars, and did so with a model equipped with a feature unique to say the least, and that is the engine, a 4 -cylinder in-line half-blocks separated and aligned, that made up the entire engine block. The displacement was 3770 cm ³, while the distribution was side-valve, driven by a camshaft . The power maximum was 24 hp at 1600 rev / min. The transmission was to Labero universal, with clutch cone and change three gears. The chassis was a flat structure made ​​of sheet steel, reinforced with wood . Here were fixed the suspensions rigid axle and semi-elliptic leaf springs, as well as the brakes tape, acting only on the transmission. The maximum speed was 70 km / h, a good bit velocistica time. Initially available as a tonneau, starting in 1905, the 20/22 PS was proposed in the new and more modern as double- phaeton . The 20/22 PS was removed from production in late 1906 . His natural heir will, however, more than two years later will be the 15/24 PS .