The Opel 5/12 PS is a small car from the German carmaker Opel. It was built in from 1911 to 1920 in four series. It was available as an open two-seater, a Landaulet or as a limousine.

5/12 PS (1911)

The first built series had a 1,2-liter engine with 12 hp at 1800 rpm. The top speed was 50-55 km/h. The car cost 4,000-5,200 Mark.

5/12 PS (1912-1914)

The second series was given a larger and more powerful engine. The engine capacity was 1.3 liters now. It made 14,5 hp at 1800 rpm. The car cost 4,200-5,200 Mark.

5/12 PS (5/14) (1914)

The same power capacity was increased to 1,4 liters. It was available as an open-top four-seater. This model variant was nicknamed "little doll" and cost 7,300 Mark.

5/12 (5/14) PS (1916-1920)

From 1916 the car received a 1,5-liter engine with 14,5 hp at 1800 rpm. It cost as a two-and four seater 5,300 Mark.