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The 6/16 PS was a car mid-range produced by the carmaker German Opel between 1911 and 1920.

The 6/16 PS was launched in 1911 to replace the 6/14 PS.

The 6/16 PS also continued the tradition of the cars of the middle class with ambitions to car top, a tradition that began with the two previous cars.

The 6/16 PS was fitted with a motor to 4 cylinders from 1539 cm ³, can develop a power of up to 18 hp at 1750 rev / min. This engine, with distribution side valve, basically consisted of a slight evolution of the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine used on the 6/14 PS.

The exchange rate was 4 speed, sophistication, at the time, on a medium-class car.

The suspensions were rigid axle with three-quarter elliptic leaf springs.

The maximum speed was about 60 km / h.

The first series of 6/16 PS was produced until the end of 1915 with the possibility to have her as a phaeton, torpedo, limousine or landaulet.

In 1916 he was presented the second series, which differed from the first in the engine, whose displacement went up to 1570 cm ³, but the power dropped to 15 hp. Another difference lay in the possibility of having it in configuration cabriolet . For the rest, the new 6/16 PS did not differ much from the previous one.

It was produced until 1920, after which, with his retirement, for about seven years would no longer be revised Opel mid-range or medium-high.