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The 7/34 PS and 8/40 PS were two cars to medium-high produced by the carmaker German Opel between 1927 and 1930.

In 1920 it was taken out of production the Opel 6/16 PS, last member of the Opel mid-range or medium-high: from that date, for about seven years, there was no longer any model intended to resume his inheritance. This led to the 1927, the year in which the House of Rüsselsheim decided to launch a car that was going to fit into the void between the cheapest 4/16 PS "Laubfrosch" with engine 1 liter and the most expensive 10/40 PS with 2.6 liter engine.

The 7/34 PS

Thus was born the 7/34 PS, a medium-high end car that went not only to complete the model portfolio, but also to continue the legacy of the 6/16 PS, off-list for some time.

The 7/34 PS was a car available at the time as torpedo 4-seater limousine standard or luxury coupe de ville, that is, with the front seats homeless, in the open.

The 7/34 used a frame in steel, U-shaped and with 5 deck, also in steel, to which were attached the suspension with leaf springs quarter-ellipse and drum brakes on all four wheels.

The broadcast included a clutch multi-disc, a differential gear in a spiral and a change in gears 3.

The engine was a 6 -cylinder in-line 1721 cc side valve, with detachable head, fed via a carburetor Solex and able to deliver a power up to 34 hp at 3600 rev / min. The maximum speed was 90 km / h.

The 7/34 PS was produced until 1928.

The 8/40 PS

The 7/34 PS was replaced in 1928 by 8/40 PS, the natural evolution of the previous model. With its 6-cylinder in-line 1930 cm ³, was closer to two liters of cubic capacity and also went to present itself as the heir of 8M 21, a model sold between 1921 and 1922 with motor, in fact, two-liter.

The maximum power delivered by the engine of the 8/40 PS was 40 hp at 3600 rev / min. Other differences in the number of bodies were available. The 8/40 PS was in fact available, as well as in the configuration required at the time for the 7/34 PS, even as a two-seater sports and convertible.

The 8/40 PS was produced until 1930 and was replaced by the 1.8 L.