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The 8M 21 was a car produced by the high-end car manufacturer German Opel between 1921 and 1922.

The 8M 21 was introduced as a simplified version of the contemporary Opel 9/25 PS, now among other things near the end of his career. With the 9/25 PS, in fact, the 21 8M shared the frame from 3, 155 mm of step, a walking beam structure in steel with auxiliary frames. Were the traditional patterns of suspension and brakes, respectively rigid axle with leaf springs and tape on the exchange rate.

Traditional well as the transmission shaft with universal joints with friction cone and 4-speed gearbox.

The main innovation was instead under the hood, where a pulsed 4 cylinders in line 2042 cm ³ with distribution side valves, and power up to 25 hp at 1600 rev / min.

The 8M 21 was available in two body variants: limousine or torpedo at 6 or 7 seats. It was produced between the beginning of 1921 and the end of 1922.

His heir would, however, came much later, in 1928 : it was only in that year that was launched 8/40 PS, designed to capture both the legacy of the 7/34 PS, that is, in fact, the 8M 21.