The PTV 400 is a microcar that was produced in Spain during 1960.

The cars were fitted with a 397cc two-cylinder engine that featured two-stroke transverse pistons. The engine was fitted with a Tachó Carburetor plus a rotary supercharger. The engine was able to produce 19 hp at 4,500 rpm. The engine was started via coil ignition and the car featured a 12V electrical system. The cars had a 4-speed gearbox including a reverse gear. Power was transmitted through the gearbox via a multi-disc clutch to the rear wheels. The maximum speed is 110 km/h with an average fuel consumption of 5 l/100 km (70 mph at 47 Miles per US Gallon).

The chassis was 1940mm long. The front suspension had hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear had Panhard torsion bars with hydraulic dampers. Hydraulic drum brakes were fitted on all four wheels.

The body was made of sheet metal on steel tubular frame. The bodies had room for two seats along with the fuel tank which has a capacity of 18 liters.