The Packard automobiles from 1957 and 1958 were actually Studebaker , which was slightly revised, provided with HP logo, and were better equipped. In late 1956, the Packard factory engine and gearbox was in Detroit at Curtiss-Wright rents and sells the assembly hall on East Grand Boulevard, which enabled the production of the actual Packard automobiles ceased. Some members of management of Studebaker-Packard saw the name Packard still as value. These cars were developed in the hope that you could sell as many believe that the company would have the ability to design a completely new luxury car and produce.

In 1958, there were next to the Packard Hawk only a collective model in three body shapes from the Packard Clipper had been developed in the previous year: the 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon, which simply meant "Packard", and a 2 -door hardtop coupe (sometimes calledStarlight , a Studebaker name called). The taillights came from Clipper model year 1956, while the Scheinwerferschuten that axle caps, the dashboard and the interior came from Packard. (Actually, all the parts were so constructed that despite "Packard" look into the Studebaker fit, but some were really leftover parts Packard).

Duncan McRae worked the models for model year 1958, and the finances of Studebaker-Packard could only cheapest changes. Rectangular headlamps are created with fiberglass covers on the front fenders of the previous models, which were designed for two spots. McRae decided to follow the tail fins excesses of 1957 Chrysler, and sat on the existing rear fender essays from fiberglass. The Packards were also given a "fish mouth" grill, so that they could more easily be distinguished from their Studebaker "Cousins".

The motoring journalist "Uncle" Tom McCahill noticed that the car from behind so would look as if he had stood too long in the sun, the fiberglass tail fins had started to melt, and then ran down the fenders.

Only 2,034 pieces of the three standard models (sedan, hardtop coupe and station wagon) were prepared, there were 588 to Packard Hawk. The rarest of the 1958 Packard is the combination of only 159 copies. The last Packard left the assembly line in South Bend (Indiana) on 13 July 1958.

1962 was the Studebaker-Packard Corporation are officially called "Packard".