The Packard Model 30 was a four-cylinder car from 1907-1912. It was Packard's last four-cylinder.

Model History

The Packard Model 30 was a four-cylinder car with both closed and open bodies. It had bodies from the base coupe at $1 000 to a Fore-door Landaulet costing $5,750. Standard equipment included oil lamps, a tool kit, and two extra demountable rims. The closed cars also included speaking tubes, adjustable ventilators and a dome light that had a separate battery. There was a speedometer and an air-pressure gauge. Wheelbase was 123 1/2" for the standard chassis.

Engine and Drivetrain

The Packard Model 30 engine was a water-cooled, 4-cylinder, 30hp engine. The transmission was a 3-speed manual with a dry-plate clutch. In 1909, redesigned linkage in the transmission made it possible to the reverse gear activated with the regular gear-shift. Since 1904, all Packard's had a separate lever for the reverse gear. Brakes where mechanical on the rear wheels only.