The Packard Pacific was a hardtop coupe, which the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit just in model year 1954 as part of the 54th Series produced. It replaced the model Mayfair and is technically identical to the convertible (cabriolet) of the same vintage.

Together with the Caribbean custom, the Patrician 400, the Cavalier and the simple "Packard" called Cabriolet he belonged to the "Packard-Line", which with its luxurious amenities of the Clipper different models that model year. 1954 was the last year used in the Packard eight-cylinder engines. New for this model year, hardtop (Pacific), Convertible and Caribbean received (but not the Cavlier Touring Sedan), the largest motor that previously only the Patrician had been reserved 400 Touring Sedan and the derived long-wheelbase versions.

This eight-cylinder engine with side-side valves and nine-bearing crankshaft cu had a displacement of the 359th in. (5883 cc, bore x stroke = 90.5 mm x 107.95 mm). The performance of this last and most powerful version rose from 180 bhp (132 kW) to 212 bhp (156 kW) at 4,000 rpm. This was also the last year in which the hardtop coupe and convertible Packard series were built on the shorter chassis. The wheelbase of the chassis was 122 in. (3,099 mm). The body was like the whole Packard and Packard Clipper series, minimal optical retouching. The '53 model year, the Packard models differ little essays on the headlights and a revised chrome trim on the side. There were 13 colors available. As with Mayfair, the roof surcharge in a contrasting color from the rest of the body color to be ordered, so that the hardtop coupe looked at first glance like a convertible. Almost all Pacific were ordered with this option. They were available in 12 color combinations. The seats were only available in a combination of leather with nylon insert. 5 variants were possible: genuine leather, black / white nylon fabric, genuine leather, black / yellow nylon fabric, leather green green / nylon fabric, leather red / black nylon fabric and black ivory leather / nylon fabric. The Packard Pacific carried the model number 5477th It weighed 4,065 pounds and cost $ 3,827 U.S.. It was built 1189 pieces.