The Packard Parisian was a concept car built in 1952

The Parisian is one of three Packard custom cars built by Carl Schneider and Peter Portugal of Eureka, California. The three vehicles were inspired by design study drawings that were done in the early 1950's by Packard. None of these drawings never went into production or were made into an official dream car.

The Parisian is a European Grand Tourer that was originally penned by Pininfarina. Schneider discovered the renderings at the Paris Retromobile in the early 1950's and purchased them. The car was fitted with  a 327 cubic inch inline-eight engine that produced 155hp at 3600rpm.

Starting with a 1952 Packard 250 series Mayfair two-door hardtop, Schneider stretched the hood seven inches and used two sets of left and right quarter panels to create the tailfins.