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Packard Single Eight denotes an 8-cylinder car that the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit introduced in model year 1924. It was as Eight built until 1927, and replaced the Packard Twin Six with a V12 engine.

The Single Eight had an eight-cylinder engine with side-side valves, mechanical tappets, 5863 cc (357.8 cui; BohrungxHub (mm) x127 = 85.7), a compression ratio of 4.51: 1 and made ​​85 bhp (62.5 kW) at 3,000 rpm. He had been a feature of all HP-line eight-cylinder engines for use in the most expensive models: a nine-bearing (instead of five times) camshaft for added smoothness. In addition, the crankshaft was front a Viobrationsdämpfer system Lanchester. It was developed from the new engine, introduced in 1921 six cylinder of the Single Six to a new engine block has been adjusted. A special carburetor own design, called " Fuelizer "was still being used. The motor was connected at four points to the chassis. Over a nine disk oil-bath clutch, the motor power to a manual three-speed transmission, and from there to the rear wheels has been forwarded. The mechanical brakes worked, the first time in a Packard, and in one of the first American cars in history, on all four wheels. The chassis was back and forth depending on a Watson-stabilizer. The gearbox is an air pump to inflate the tires sat. Standard amenities also included front and rear bumpers, disc wheels (currently in vogue), Motometer (thermometer mounted on the grille), rear view mirror and a single, manually operated wiper for the horizontal split windscreen.

Gave it to the Single Eight chassis with 3454 mm (136 in.) or 3632 mm (143 inch) wheelbase. Like its predecessor, a number of open and closed structures with 2 to 7 seats were available at the factory, the latter on the long chassis. The standard catalog included ten bodies with prices between U.S. $ 3,650 and U.S. $ 4,950 but were special bodies on customer request, made by the best specialist companies of its time, readily possible.

The models were called after their Radstanden in customs, so as models 136 and 143 They formed together with the Model Single Six of the years 1921 - 1923 the 1st Series, a numbering system which was with interruptions, continued in similar form to 1953 (26 series).

Launch was officially on 14 June 1923. Until the introduction of the successor Packard Eight from the 2nd February 1925, a total of 8401 Single Eight emerged (other sources give 3'507 4'894 copies with short and long wheelbase).

The Packard Single Eight has the status of a " Full Classic "of the Classic Car Club of America.

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