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Peter Pellandine
was an influential car designer and manufacturer in the field of specials/kit cars and steam-powered vehicles in both the UK and Australia.


Worked for the prestigious British coachbuilders H. J. Mulliner & Co.

Formed Ashley Laminates with Keith Waddington in 1955.

Amicably split with Ashley Laminates and founded Falcon Shells Ltd at Waltham Abbey, Essex in 1956.

He moved to New Zealand with family and formed Falcon Shells (N.Z.) in 1957, whilst continuing to operate Falcon Shells Ltd in UK.

Returned to England from New Zealand via Australia in 1959 after closing down Falcon Shells (N.Z.)

Continued to operate Falcon Shells Ltd in England until he sold Falcon in 1962 and emigrated to Australia.

Founded Pellandini Cars in 1970. Sold BMC Mini and Volkswagen-based kit cars. Conducted state-sponsored experiments with a steam car.

Moved back to England in c.1977.

Founded Pelland Engineering in 1978. Sold the VW Beetle-based Pelland Sports kit car.

Attempt to break steam car landspeed record in 1991 with the Pelland Steamer.

Introduced the Alfa Romeo Alfasud-based Pelland Sports kit car in 1989.

Pellandine moved back to Australia in the 1990s where he continued to develop the Steamer. The latest version is the Mark IV.

Peter Pellandine died in Tasmania in December 2012 at the age of 85.