The Peugeot 401 was a mid-size model from Peugeot produced in 1934 and 1935. It was introduced at the 1934 Paris Motor Show and continued to be offered until August 1935.The 401 was powered by an enlarged version of the engine from the smaller Peugeot 301 and slotted between that model and the range-topping 601. The 401 displaced 1.7 L and produced 44 horsepower (33 kW). Models of the 401 include the 401 D, 401 DL, and 401 DLT. Though the majority were made as sedans, the 401 was offered with no fewer than eleven different body styles. Peugeot conceived of an electric folding metal roof more than twenty years before Ford reimagined the concept in their Skyliner. This system was called "Eclipse" and was first introduced on the 401. A total of 79 Peugeot 401 Eclipses were made. It later became available on the 301 and 601, also utilized on vehicles by Georges Paulin, Darl'mat, and the coachbuilder Pourtout