The Peugeot 601 was a range-topping car produced between 1934 and 1935 by Peugeot. The car was equipped with a six-cylinder 2148 cc engine developing 60 hp at 3500 rpm. With limited power and relatively high weight the car could reach top speed of only 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph). Like the other Peugeots of the era, the 601 was also equipped with independent front suspension.The 601 was produced in three different body styles. The first models came with Berlina body normale and aerodinamica versions, limousine, familiale, coupe and roadster. A cabriolet version was also available, which was over 5 metres (200 in) in length.There was also special Eclipse body with electrical folding metal roof. The Eclipse was made by designer Georges Paulin, the Darl'mat and the coachbuilder Pourtout.The sales figures of 601 were affected by the poor performance of the engine. Regardless, considering the short life cycle of 601, 3999 copies was not considered a real failure.The 601 was taken out of production in 1935, leaving a gap in Peugeot's field of high-end cars that was filled only 40 years later with the arrival of the Peugeot 604. This was also the next Peugeot car with an engine having more than four cylinders; the 601 was the final straight-6-engined Peugeot, as the 604 was powered with a V6.