Peugeot Quasar

Peugeot Quasar -

The Peugeot Quasar was a concept car from 1984. It premiered at the 1984 Paris Auto Show.

The Quasar was a sporty two-seater with a low profile and a large glass area. The 600-horsepower 4-cylinder twin-turbo inline engine and four-wheel-drive system were fully visible from the rear.

Inside, under the transparent dome, sat a one-piece full-width dashboard supported by the transmission tunnel. The stereo system and controls were housed on the passenger side.

The dashboard and seats were finished in bright red leather. All digital instrumentation included transflective liquid crystals to provide optimum legibility day or night.

A CRT monitor in the center of the vertical console served as a navigational system, a warning message display, and sent and received telex messages.

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