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The Plymouth Commercial car was a van, the Chrysler under the brand name Plymouth manufactured in the years 1937 to 1941. It was introduced by Dodge -derived vans and offered Plymouth dealers, which led the Group Dodge brand not to surprise their customers also offer a van for small businesses. The car replaced the Commercial Lieferwagenvarinaten of Plymouth Business .

From year to year[]

Model PT50 (1937)[]

The Model PT50 had been developed from the Dodge van. As the Dodge ran it on a small truck chassis, was in its construction but the Plymouth Business has been adapted. Because of the technical differences but there was no common parts with the car models. The wheelbase was 2946 mm 4 inches longer than the car, the clutch had a larger diameter and the engine was a bit weaker / The side-valve six-cylinder had likewise has a displacement of 3299 cc, but provided only 70 bhp (51 kW) at 3,000 min.

Besides a cab chassis (for custom setups), there was a two-door sedan (no back seat), a two-door pickup (pickup) and a three-door station wagon.From December 1936 to August 1937 created 14,725 pieces.

Model PT57 (1938)[]

In the following year, there were only minor stylistic changes to adapt the commercial car the look of the new car models P5 and P6 (for example, more forward-reaching, voluminous front fenders). Technically, nothing has changed, only the combination fell away.

As with the cars this year, significantly fewer than in the previous year were sold. Between September 1937 and August 1938, only 6,316 commercial cars were built.

Model PT81 (1939)[]

As well as the Commercial Car Car Series has been completely redesigned. His appearance corresponded again to the more appropriate Dodge models. Motor and drive remain the same, the limousine without rear seat was not available anymore. For it was the pickup version of a cab for three people and the spare wandered from the front of the vehicle back under the bed. The doors were given a double lock so they could not jump due to vibration of itself.

The sales figures, however, could not be significantly increased: in this model year 6321 Commercial Cars were built.

Model PT105 (1940)[]

Again, there was little change, the most striking was the introduction of the "sealed beam" headlights.However, the vehicles were now more powerful engines that drew from 3441 cc engine 79 bhp (58 kW) at 3,000 rpm.

7035 pieces were sold in this model year.

Model PT125 (1941)[]

Still 1941er models based on the bodies of 1939. However, the modified radiator grille and the headlights hiked up and out and stood atop the grille. This gave the vehicle a bit the look of frogs.Selling prices were raised significantly.

However, in this last year of sales were 6,269 copies are produced. Due to the war, the commercial car disappeared from the model range and only in 1974 was with the Plymouth Trailduster again offer a van.