The Model 30U is a middle-class passenger car initially sold by Chrysler under its Plymouth marque in 1930. It was preceded by the Model U and replaced by the Model PA. A total of about 76,950 examples were made.

The Model 30U was offered as a four-door phaeton, two-door sedan, four-door sedan, two-door business coupe, two-door roadster coupe, two-door business roadster, and two-door sports roadster. This rear-wheel drive vehicle is fitted with an enlarged 3214cc four-cylinder side-valve engine capable of generating 48 bhp (35 kW) of output, and also features three-speed transmission and hydraulic braking in all four wheels. It can be distinguished from its predecessors mainly by its full chrome grille and fenders. The Model 30U measures 4293 mm long and weighs between 1032 and 1176 kg.