Plymouth Plainsman

Plymouth Plainsman -

The Plymouth Plainsman was a concept car built in 1956. Coachwork was carried out by Ghia of Turin, Italy.

Chrysler Corporation unveiled the experimental Plainsman "idea station wagon" during the January, 1956 Chicago Auto Show.

Mounted on a 115-inch wheelbase Plymouth chassis, the 2-door wagon accented a Western theme with its "Palomino beige" finish, gold-colored Texas Longhorn medallion and hand-worked bronze trim which was chrome plated.

A unique cantilever, stepped roof contained a centered louvered ventilator that provided draft-free ventilation of the 8-passenger cabin, and the padded white fabric top covering the rear two-thirds of the all-steel roof was weather-resistant.

Clever idea on the Plainsman that made its way into the 1957 station wagon models by Chrysler Corp. was the spare tire and wheel hidden behind the right wheel and accessed via a lift-up panel.