The Plymouth Road King was a great car, the Chrysler under the brand name Plymouth manufactured in the years 1938 to 1940. It replaced the business in 1938. 1940 was this expensive model away without compensation.

From year to year

Model P5 (1938)

The model P5 had bulkier, wider front fenders forward and a slightly higher waistline than its predecessor. This saw the vehicles somewhat stocky, what the customer did not like it much.In addition, there were many cars on the market so that the selling of the already quite frumpy looking models ran pretty bad. Upon request, there was a highly compressed engine, which delivered 86 bhp (63 kW). Turn of the year - so the middle of the model year - named one of the business in order to Road King, because this name is not so much reminded of a commercial vehicle. Also got the new model front quarter windows, like the Deluxe.

Of both models (Business and Road King) emerged in 1938 74 785 pieces.

Model P7 (1939)

In August 1938, the long-overdue redesign was unveiled. The cars had an alligator hood, recessed into the front fenders (square) headlights and a split V-shaped windshield. There was again - as in the past when business - delivery models, such as a "Utility Sedan" (Nutzlimousine) with 2 doors and only 1 seat or a flatbed truck.

Until August 1939 caused 102,368 copies.

Model P9 (1940)

The P9 models resemble their predecessors, but they had more angular fenders and round headlights again. Both engines had increased by 1 bhp of power, the wheelbase by 3 ".

In this model year 106,738 vehicles were built-Road King. From August 1940 accounted for this cheaper model, and there were only the Plymouth Deluxe .