The Plymouth Six, also known as the Model PF, is a car initially sold by Chrysler under its Plymouth marque in 1934.

It was unveiled along with the Plymouth Model PE during December 1933, but was not built until 1934. Like its sister models, the Plymouth Six was fitted with a 3299cc inline-six side valve engine capable of generating 77 bhp (56.5 kW) of power. It was offered as a two-door sedan, four-door sedan, four-door business coupe, and two-door roadster coupe. The Plymouth Six measured 4470 to 4609 millimeters long, and weighed between 1138 and 1261 kilograms. Production ceased in September 1934, and a total of 39,544 examples were built.

A slightly modified version of the Six, the Special Six (or Model PFXX), made its debut during May 1934. An ashtray and glove compartment were offered for the interior, and the Special Six featured more chrome trim than its counterpart. It was offered in the same body styles as the Six, as well as a four-door town sedan. Production of the Special Six ceased in September 1934, and a total of 35,298 examples were produced.